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Testimony Before the Missouri House of Representatives Local Government Committee Regarding House Bill 1042

March 14, 2017AdminNews and Events

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An Open Letter to President-Elect Donald J. Trump on Conservation and Environmental Policy

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Open Letter to Missouri’s Congressional Delegation Regarding the 2016 Water Resources Development Act

November 9, 2016AdminNews and Events

A similar letter was sent to every member of Congress from Missouri.


GRHA Comments on FEMA Federal Flood Control Policy Changes

October 19, 2016AdminNews and Events



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Testimony before the Mississippi River Commission

August 11, 2016AdminNews and Events


GRHA Open Letters to Missouri’s Congressional Delegation in Support of Lowering Improper Illinois Levees


Resolution 16-01

Sponsored by: Council as a Whole Resolution No. 16-01

A RESOLUTION OPPOSING REDEVELOPMENT OF THE MARYLAND PARK LAKE DISTRICT IN THE CITY OF MARYLAND HEIGHTS WHEREAS St. Charles County and St. Louis County sit at the confluence of the country’s two great rivers, the Missouri River and the Mississippi River, and the St. Charles County Council wants to protect the beauty of this unique area; and WHEREAS, the residents of St. Charles County recently witnessed major flooding in the area when water levels of the two rivers and tributaries thereto raised faster and higher than previous floods, and civic leaders are being urged to avoid putting homes and other development in flood-prone areas or continuing a pattern of development that can be expected to divert flood waters onto other areas; and WHEREAS, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently changed its maps which put homes and business in the flood plain that were previously not in the flood plain; and WHEREAS, the City of Maryland Heights, as contemplated in Resolution No. 2016- 1198 passed by its City Council and approved by its Mayor on February 4, 2016, is seeking proposals to develop 1,800 acres of flood plain along the Missouri River; and WHEREAS, the St. Charles County Council opposes any proposal to develop flood plain in an area that will most likely flood again. NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNTY COUNCIL OF ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MISSOURI, AS FOLLOWS: Section 1. The St. Charles County Council hereby opposes any proposal to develop in flood-prone areas or continuing a pattern of development that can be expected to divert flood waters onto other areas, which includes the present proposal for redevelopment of the Maryland Park Lake District in the City of Maryland Heights. 16-01 Section 2. The Executive Assistant to the County Council is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to the City of Maryland Heights to notify them of St. Charles County’s opposition to said proposed development.

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DATE PASSED                                                                   CHAIR OF THE COUNCIL