Ducks Great Rivers Habitat Alliance implements a number of initiatives dedicated to preserving the natural resources of the floodplain. We strive to educate the public on the importance of limiting Big River flood plain development.

Our commitment to habitat preservation is an attempt to maintain the rich biodiversity that resides in the floodplain. Hundreds of species reside in the Mississippi River. Preservation of their habitat is essential for their survival.

If most of the floodable land in the Confluence were to be encased by levees, where would the water go? It would most likely flow behind other existing levees protecting urban and business districts in St. Louis. Great Rivers Habitat Alliance proposes to create the Confluence Flood Plain Joint Venture Partnership . This loose partnership of public agencies and private organizations will develop and initiate the goal of preserving, restoring and maintaining the confluence flood plain for its agricultural heritage, wildlife habitat, and water storage capacity. Land preservation will be conducted on a landscape level though a series of land and conservation easement acquisitions/donations on a willing seller/donor basis.