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GRHA Executive Director Mike Checkett, Bruce Morrison, and Madeline Middlebrooks, both with Great Rivers Environmental Law Center, attended the Maryland Heights Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on January 11, 2022. GRHA submitted formal comments against the Apartment Complex Development PDP21-0004/KBG, Inc., and both Bruce and Mike spoke during the public comment portion detailing why this project is a terrible idea. The development is within the 100-year floodplain, so final rezoning and construction will hinge on the construction of the Howard Bend Levee District Pump Station. However, rezoning is the first step, and the Maryland Heights staff assured the
commission that a vote to rezone does not assure this project will happen as storm and floodwater management is dependent on the pump station being built. The Zoning and Planning Commission met again on January 25 and unfortunately voted unanimously to approve the zoning change. 

On February 3 the Zoning and Planning Commission presented the zoning change (from Single Family Agriculture to Multi Family – Multi Use) to the Maryland Heights City Council, and the Council approved 7-1 moving this terrible project past another step. The project continues to hinge on the construction of the Howard Bend pump station. GRHA and its partners continue to look for ways to fight the pump station's construction and the apartment complex project.

Testimony to the Maryland Heights Zoning and Planning Committee can be found here.

Testimony to the Maryland Heights Council can be found here.

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