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GRHA Hosts DU Magazine Outdoor Writer

In late November, GRHA staff and Board members helped host outdoor writer T. Edward Nickens “Eddie” and his photographer Frank on several hunts and tours of the Confluence. Eddie and his photographer were in town to write an upcoming article for the Ducks Unlimited magazine. The article will highlight the importance of the Confluence, its history and the partnership between GRHA and DU.

The Over & Under and Quacker hunt clubs owned by the Holton and Costello families were kind enough to provide lodging and some quality hunts while the group was in town. Rounding out the support team was DU’s Director of Development Nathan Hogg; Easement Specialist, Steve Spezia; and GRHA’s Executive Director, Mike Checkett. 

The Confluence crew toured the Dardenne and Raccoon Ranch clubs and were exposed to the development threats that are inching their way closer each year. They were able to spend time with members of the Holton and Hager families, as well as area club managers, Levi Baur and Andy Taylor.  The tour brought a new appreciation to Eddie for the Confluence, its importance to waterfowl and the threats remaining. They were even able to make a quick stop at GRHA Board member, Cody Stokes, iconic waterfowl store, Divebomb Industries. Look for the story in Ducks Unlimited magazine sometime in 2024.

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