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Common Cause and Shared Vision

In October 2014, GRHA and Ducks Unlimited came together for an inaugural fundraising event and the signing of a partnership agreement. More than 300 people attended, and the event netted over $130,000 for conservation work in the Confluence through GRHA Conservation and policy programs and DU's Big Rivers Initiative. The agreement focuses on a five-year plan for habitat protection and restoration, youth education, and policy efforts impacting the Confluence.

This year the partnership's eighth event was held on October 12 at the Frontenac Hilton St. Louis.  Attended by more than 400 people this year’s event was particularly special as we celebrated Ducks Unlimited's 85th Anniversary.

GRHA and DU continue to play important roles in the conservation and protection of our nation’s wetland and wildlife resources and the heritage of outdoor recreation. Both organizations are committed to the Confluence and look forward to continued partnerships to find new ways to protect vital habitat and the floodplain.

To be successful in conserving the Confluence, all stakeholders and conservation partners must work together to develop trust, demonstrate commitment, and leverage resources to promote and preserve the culture, health, and heritage of the Confluence.

Independently, we have great history; together, we will ensure the future of the Confluence and North America’s wetland and waterfowl resources. Come support a partnership to increase focus and dollars to the Confluence, conserving and improving habitat along North America’s Big Rivers for the benefit of wildlife and people. For more information click here.

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